Champs Season & Practice Tuesday

Alec Hudson

Hey Sailfish Families!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has been able to enjoy their time spent with family over beak!

As the end of the year approaches, we will be moving ever closer to the start of our Championship season. With B champs starting Jan 7th (less than 2 weeks!) this will mark the most important time of the year for our team in swimming. Our swimmers have worked extremely hard throughout the year to qualify for these meets and get to this point in their training. Now it is time to come together as a team, putting aside personal convenience and see what we can accomplish when it counts. Our long-standing Sailfish tradition has been that if you make a cut, you show up to the meet. Tomorrow, we are excited to be jumping back in training as we rehearse the effort and mindset we will be bringing to meets in the coming months. Please remember to share your personal goals with your coach at practice!

  • B Champs: Jan 7 - 8

  • BB STX: Feb 17 - 19

  • A STAGS: Feb 24 - 26

- The Sailfish Coaching Staff