About Us
The Sailfish swim team is a level 3 member of USA Swimming, founded in 2009 by Coach Chris Kjeldsen. The team trains all ability levels ages 5-18, novice to nationals.


The Sailfish is the symbol and the name of our year-round competitive swim team. It signifies the growth process from a tiny egg to the 10-foot long fastest fish in the ocean,
hitting speeds up to 68 mph!


The goal of this team is to pursue that speed by first learning the most efficient technique for each stroke, then build strength for that technique and then build endurance for that strength in a positive, injury- free environment.


Much more than temporary short-term recognition of natural ability, success in life and swimming is a long-term growth process. We believe that every member, whether just starting out or aspiring to become the fastest, should have the opportunity to learn the lessons needed to pursue success in life through the process of goal setting, positive thinking, visualization and believing.

We also emphasize a healthy division of coach/parent responsibilities, with coaches focusing on technique, strategy and athletic development (aka the coaches Coach). This frees the parents to focus on support of their athlete with encouragement, transportation and proper nutrition (aka parents parent).


11 Reasons to take advantage of our year-round program

1) Flexible practice schedule 2-6 times a week plus a month-to-month participation option          

2) Family discounts for multiple swim team members            

3) Create a lifetime habit of safe physical exercise         

4) Stay in touch with friends and make new friends from a dozen different schools     

5)  Keep and build on your summer league progress and come back even faster                     

6) Cross-train with our dry land partner for improved endurance, strength and flexibility                                

7) Get Off Campus PE (OCPE) credit at school (RRISD grades 9-12, LISD grades 7-12)        

8) Receive training on how to goal set and get individualized feedback at practice and meets                          

9) Achieve new personal best times at a faster rate than other teams*     

10) Coach Chris works with your high school swim coach      

11) Quality coaching and coach development. In addition to **level 4 ASCA certification, Coach Chris has 40 years of experience in elementary, middle school, high school, collegiate, and masters swimming and water polo both competing and coaching. Some things cannot be googled and swim coaching is one of those things that takes years to develop.  Coach Chris takes the time and mentors every CKSwimming coach.

* Every year since inception, the Sailfish swim team has consecutively surpassed over 100 teams in the USA swimming national VCC (virtual club championship) age group team ranking

**Only 7% of the swim coaches in the United States reach ASCA Level 4 Certification                                             


For questions or to set up a time for an evaluation needed prior to registering, contact Coach Chris: [email protected]