Mission Statement

The following documents are for orientation and training of both Parents and Swimmers


Team Secrets of Success: 

Sailfish Swim Team Progression Overview

Sailfish Parent Orientation

Short Course Season News for the New and Veteran Review

Creating an Individual Pattern of Success

Sailfish Formula for Continual Success

Thinking about Thinking Slows You Down

Finding FLOW

"Preparation for Life" By Coach Phil Hansel- (The College Coach for Coach Chris)

Reflections on Swimming and Faith by Coach Chris

Championship Meet Procedure

B Championship Meet Musts

Championship Meet Series Information and FAQ


Goal Setting:

Sailfish Goal-Setting Worksheet

How to Make Better Goals in the Water
By Olivier Poirier-Leroy

IMR & IMX Events

IMR 2020 Recognition

IMX 2020 Recognition

USA Swimming Time Standards

USA Swimming Times Standards Link

USA Swimming Age Group B, BB, A Time Standards

STAGS Qualifying Times

Texas State Championship  TAGS Times

USA Swimming Sectionals Time Standards

Futures Championships Time Standards

Junior National Time Standards

Scholastic All American Requirements

NISC Academic American Rules

Olympic Trials Time Standards



Nutrition Highlights from Nutrition for Swimmers by Ernie  Maglischo

Athlete Eating Guidelines

Nutrition Timing and Recommnedations

Easy Training / Weight Management

Moderate Training Food Chart

Hard Training / Race Day



Sports Drinks

Travel Nutrition

USOC Sports Nutrition - Recovery 

Four Rs of Recovery

Recovery Fact Sheet

The Vegetarian Athlete


Safe Sport:

Where to Start To Report A Safe Sport Concern

Athlete Protection Training Info and Link for 18yr Athletes

Sailfish Team Travel Policy

Sailfish Code of Conduct

Sailfish Electronic Communication Policy

Incident Report link/form

Bullying Action Plan

Abuse Protection Guidelines

Sailfish Safe Sport Handbook

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

Safe Sport Certification [ PARENTS ]

Safe Sport Certification [ SWIMMERS ]



Sailfish Practice Rates

2019 USA Swimming Transfer Form



New Season News for New and Review for Veterans

Register For SMS Notifications in 5 Minutes or Less


College Swimming Reference Material

College recruiting check list for HS Junior 

Recruiting from the College Coach Perspective

College Recruiting 101

NSCA College Coach Perspective

Example of Bloomsburg University Consideration Times

Club Coaches and the College Process

NCAA D2 RecruitingCalendar 2017-18 



Summer Training: 

2019 NWSC Schedule    

Two-a-days and summer league



12 Days of Swimming Christmas, by Coach Chris

Pre-Meet Prayer