How do I join the team?

Prior to registering, you will need to set up a time for an evaluation. You can do this by contacting Coach Chris at [email protected] or calling 512-694-2180.


How do I register?
In order to participate in a USA swim team practice or meet, every swimmer must be a member of USA swimming. The USA annual registration fee is renewed in July/August and goes into effect September 1. This does not obligate you to attend swim meets, though it is highly recommended as an important part of getting feedback on your training progress.


USA Annual Registration - If you are new to USA swimming please include a photocopy of a birth certificate or passport for each swimmer and email to [email protected]. Both returning and new swimmers register online under the “Start Registration” tab.

Swimmer Transfer or Update Form - If you have ever practiced with another USA swim team you will need to scan and email this transfer form to to [email protected] in addition to doing the online registration.

Seasonal Registration Form - is for swimmers joining the team during the months of April 1 - August 30 only. Transfer forms or birth certificates are needed with seasonal registration as well. Click on Contact Us if you need more information.


How does billing work?
We use the online registration and monthly fee payment service provided by our Team Unify website. There is no additional charge to setup the auto-draft by credit card or ACH bank draft.

Swim meets are paid by the meet and include an event entry fee set by the meet host and a coaching fee. Meet fees are entered on your account and processed the first of each month.

*After you register be sure to download the On Deck Parent app for Free.

What equipment do I need?
Each practice group will have it’s own equipment requirements. These requirements will be sent via email once your registration is processed.  

You get your team cap with registration. Additional team caps cost $10. Make a B or better qualifying time and you may order a team cap with your name on it. $30 for quantity of 2.

Get team swimming gear from our online store.

How much does it cost?
Depending on which practice group you are placedin after evaluations
and the number of times per week attending practice, prices range from $76-259/month.

There is a discounted rate offered to the families with more than one athlete practicing 3+ times per week.


% 5.0 for Account with 2 Athletes.


% 10.0 for Account with 3 Athletes.


% 15.0 for Account with 4 Athletes.


% 20.0 for Account with 5 Athletes.

In addition there is a small active high school swimmer practice discount rate applied during the school year.

When are practices?

All current practices times are on our practice schedule tab HERE.

What if I want to swim summer league?
Great! We love summer league! Sailfish swimmers currently participate with 7 different local Summer League Swim teams for practices and fun. Monthly Sailfish practice fees are turned off for May and June except for the two-a-day practice members. For those staying at the Sendero pool, you will register as a Marlin and you will train at Sendero with our same coaching staff.


While you are practicing with a summer league team, you are still able to and should go to sanctioned USA swimming meets so you can work towards your Long Course season goals (STAGS, TAGS, Sectionals, JR STAGS, Nationals). There are meets in March, April, May, June, July and August. Check the Sailfish meet tab for exact dates.


If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to EMAIL US!