Parent Feedback


Coach Chris,

We thank you, thank you, thank you for how you have guided and trained Carson the last few years. We have seen such growth in the areas maturity and dedication.

He needs to try running and track in order to prepare for his goals after high school. We image he will be back to swimming, but need to support his decision to try track this spring.

Hoping there will be a place for him next fall with the Sailfish.

Thank you again. You are a wonderful coach.

Scott and Joël Caldwell



I just had to let you know what a wonderful, positive experience your Sailfish swim team has been for my son.  He was so horrified of swim team, but since starting in September, I have seen nothing but positive reinforcement from you and your team of coaches.  Today, at the swim meet, I saw how much the children look up to you and what a encouraging teacher you are.  I feel that Alex is truly in the right place and I wanted to thank you so much for everything that you are teaching him.  Thanks so much for being who you are!!!!!!

Ann Countryman



I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how great she did at the TW trials yesterday.  She had time improvements from her best times on that team in every stroke.

Freestyle: dropped 2.65 seconds

Backstroke: dropped 1.86 seconds

Breaststroke: dropped 4.23 seconds

Butterfly: dropped 7.81 seconds

I can certainly tell that year round swimming helped-even if it was only 1 day a week.

Thanks for all of your help over the past year!  Please thank all of the coaches that work with you as well!

J Reinhardt



Why we love Coach Chris Kjeldsen

We signed up our daughter, Katelyn, when she was five for once a week lessons with Coach Chris. My initial impression of Coach Chris was beyond great. I’ve never heard so many appropriate descriptions and illustrations used to make kids “get it” when it comes to swimming! For example, he says things like, “kick the mud off your toes” to teach proper kicking for backstroke.  Katelyn got out of the water that first day of practice excited, confident and in love with swimming. That love for swimming continues to this day as she continues to swim with Coach Chris once a week, and participates on the Marlins swim team each summer.

Last week my son Hudson, who is now five, went to his first swimming evaluation with Coach Chris. He is more timid than my daughter and I wondered/questioned if we would have a similar positive experience with my son? Silly me! Of course, Coach Chris exceeded my expectations by miles. He took time to talk to him, playing games with him on dry land before he even got in the water. The whole evaluation was incredible, with Coach Chris teaching him several swimming fundamentals through fun activities. Hudson got so much out of that first practice… confidence, the ability to float on his back, do backstroke, and swim alternating freestyle with backstroke. I wish I could type the look on Hudson’s face when he proudly told his dad all he had learned at his first meeting with Coach Chris! Now he can’t wait to do swim team this summer with the Marlins! What a great start for his love of swimming!

Through the last few years I have eagerly told countless people about Coach Chris and his program. The foundation that he has built is solid, his approach is kid-friendly and positive, his ability to get kids to focus and learn is incredible, and he really cares about every swimmer, regardless of their natural ability. He has an underwater microphone so the kids can hear him while they swim. (Are you kidding me!? The kids LOVE IT!!) He has the perfect balance of fun and fundamentals going on in the pool. The kids learn effortlessly while they enjoy the water.

Since our first year swimming with Coach Chris we have moved across town, but we continue to stick with him and the program because we believe so strongly that he is the BEST swimming coach in Central Texas. His innovation and experience exceed any other coach we’ve seen or heard of. We are so thankful to have him here to coach our kids, and be an encourager and positive role-model in their lives! His impression on their lives goes far beyond the walls of the pool.  Thank you, Coach Chris!

~Cathy & Scott McLeod



03/08/10 RE: JO Meet Results



There are not words to describe the gratitude and admiration we have for you as a coach, friend and gentleman.  The reason our team performs so well -- both in the water and on land, is due to the example you set.

Your dedication to the sport and more importantly, the kids, is evident in everything you do.  The foundation you are providing them in the sport of swimming (discipline, dedication, effort, sportsmanship) will reach far beyond this season of their lives.  We expect that when they are much older, yours will be a memory they revisit often and with a great amount of affection, admiration and respect.


It is a great joy to know that when we deliver our children to you, you return them to us better than they were in so many ways.


Congratulations, and thank you, for everything.


Rita and Anthony Incristi



To Whom It May Concern:

Chris Kjedsen has coached both of my sons for several years.  My 9 year old, Tyler, is still currently on his Marlin Swim Team and has been since he was 5. My 16 year old, Zach,  has moved to a higher level of competition – currently swimming in Junior Nationals and a member of the USA World Youth Team. He was coached by Chris from ages 9-15 and still periodically seeks him out for advice.

I have an enormous amount of respect for Chris. I have watched both of my sons learn so much from him.

First and foremost, he cares for his swimmers. He cares that they learn proper technique, which is why they start to swim initially. But I feel that he goes above and beyond a typical coaches role. I have personally seen him teach not only swimming, but respect and discipline as well.

In addition, Chris cared enough to guide and counsel Zach when he needed to move on to other ventures, even when he didn't realize it himself. Chris took the time to sit down with us, as a family, and talk about the pros and cons of Zach staying on the Marlins team vs. making a change to long course training.

I appreciate Chris's guidance as a coach for my children and for me, as parent. He is a tremendous asset to the Marlin team and all of the swimmers that have the privilege of being coached by him.  I can't thank him enough for his influence in our lives. It is immeasurable.


Dawn Gunn



Brushy Creek Marlins Inc.

P.O. Box 1081

Round Rock, Texas 78680

December 17, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

As a swim team parent, board member and the current President of the Brushy Creek Marlins swim team, I have had the honor of working with Chris Kjeldsen for the past 4 years as the head coach of the Marlins.  Chris’ dedication and accomplishments as the Marlin’s coach has been unparalleled in the 9 years that my family has been on the team.

When Chris’ family joined the Marlins 6 years ago, Chris immediately began to draw upon his prior experiences to professionally help our board and coaches identify better techniques to operate and coach a swim team.  When the team faced a late resignation from our head coach, Chris agreed to take over the head coach role, and our team has only reached new heights each and every year since.

Chris’ accomplishments as our head coach have taken a team with good intentions to a team with real accomplishments including the following:

  • A strong focus on every swimmer to improve on his/her personal best giving every swimmer an easy measurement of success.

  • The implementation of a developmental swim team for families looking for a lighter version of the swim team experience.

  • A strong mentoring emphasis to develop our assistant coaches including an intern program for graduating seniors.

  • Several team championships against stronger teams based on predicted results.

  • An effective balance between accomplishing competitive success and inclusion of all members of the team.

Without any reservation, I could not imagine a better candidate to further grow and positively contribute to the sport of swimming.

Please contact me at 512-233-1854 if you would like more information.


Tere McCann


Brushy Creek Marlins