Swim Practice Hazard Mitigation Protocol During COVID-19

We appreciate everyone’s continued support and patience as we navigate these uncertain times. We are #COTASTRONG and #COTAPROUD!

In order to keep our swimmers, families and coaching staff safe, we will be operating on a modified swim schedule and format. During this time we will be exercising social distancing in the pool. Practice hours will be Monday thorugh Friday from 4:00pm - 8:00pm and Saturday 6:00am - 8:00am, with no more than 20 swimmers per session - 4 swimmers per lane stopping at opposite ends of the pool and separated between sets.  As social distancing protocols are lifted we will increase that number.

If you have any questions or want to discuss things further, please emial [email protected]

Practice Contract & Liability Waiver – All families planning to participate in swim practice during COVID-19 social distancing measures will be required to complete an Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 Form, as well as sign the last page of this document acknowledging your commitment to adhere to the protocol.

When should you NOT send your swimmer to practice? If you, your swimmer, or anyone one you or your swimmer have come in contact with, feel unwell or have experienced any symptoms of the virus, your swimmer should NOT come to practice. They should remain home for 14 days from the day of contact or when symptoms started.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, coughing and shortness of breath. Additionally, if your swimmer has lived or lives with anyone with any health-related issues or is in poor health or lives with an elderly person, your swimmer should not return to swim during the pandemic.

This is also a reminder to consider precautionary measures relating to personal hygiene, hand sanitization, and social distancing to prevent the spread of infections when your swimmer is not at practice. We are all in this together and we depend on everyone’s commitment to health and safety to ensure our team stays healthy and strong.

During social distancing parents are not allowed on the pool deck. Please drop your swimmers off in the parking lot as close to the gate as possible. A COTA board member or parent volunteer will be stationed at the gate to ensure swimmers safely move from your vehicle to the pool deck and vice versa. Coach Chic will remain on deck until every swimmer has exited the pool and pool deck.

In the event of an emergency, Coach Chic will call/text you to come pick up your swimmer and the COTA board member/parent volunteer will remain with your child until your arrival and deliver them directly to your vehicle.

Note: If you feel uncomfortable dropping your swimmer off and prefer to walk them to the pool deck, please contact the COTA Board for alternative arrangements.

To minimize accidental contact, entry and exit from the facility, pool deck and pool will be staggered per the following guidelines: 

Disinfecting Protocol/Safe Practices/PPE – Following each practice, all utilized surfaces will be sprayed or wiped down with a CDC approved disinfectant. On deck parent volunteers will be wearing face masks and utilizing hand sanitizer during their shifts. Additionally, all swimmers will now be required to wear face masks while on the pool deck, we recommend that swimmers also change clothes, shower and wash all swimwear and equipment at home following practice. Locker room/changing areas will not be available during practice and use of the bathroom should be kept to a minimum.

Drop Off – Parents will drive up to the pool gate and your swimmer will enter the pool gate alone. The swimmer should arrive wearing their suit, goggles, swim cap and flip flops/slides and carrying their towel, fins, kickboards, water bottle (water will not be provided on deck), etc in their wet bag. To minimize exposure, all other items must be left at home – that means dry bags.

Arrival Time – In order to keep things on track, it is important that you arrive 5 mins prior to your assigned swim practice. This will allow the parent volunteer and Coach Chic time to safely get your swimmer to and from the pool, while also ensuring the best use of practice time.

Lane Assignment – Each swimmer will be assigned a lane and group (A, B or C). Lane Assignments will be marked, and swimmers are expected to stay within their lane assignment at all times. See diagram below.

Entry on Pool Deck –  All swimmers must enter the pool deck one at a time, maintaining 6 feet of distance at all times.  Once the swimmer enters the gate, a Parent Volunteer will ask the swimmer if they feel ill in any way and check their temperature. Any swimmers who exhibit or report feeling ill will be asked to return home. Once screening is complete, the swimmer will go down the stairs and directly to their assigned staging location. Once the pool is clear, Coach Chic will call the swimmers up.

Entering the Pool - Please move single file in a clockwise direction to your designated lane location while maintaining 6 ft of distance from others. 

Group B: Swimmers will walk clockwise around the pool to their lane assignment on the west side (closest to 360), place their towel against the wall and wetbag on the left side of the cone for their designated lane. They may then remove their mask and enter the pool, swim out to the T and await further instruction.

Group A: Swimmers will follow group B and move clockwise around to the far side of the pool next to the cabanas where they will wait for group B members to finish entering the pool. Once clear they may move to their designated lane, place their towel against the wall, wetbag on the pool deck to the right of the cones and then remove their mask and enter the pool, staying near the wall awaiting further instruction.

Group C: Swimmers will follow group A and walk in a clockwise direction until they arrive at their designated lane on the east (clubhouse) side of the pool. They may then place their towel against the wall, wetbag on the pool deck
and remove their mask, then enter the pool awaiting further instruction.

While in the Pool –  As normal, Coach Chic will instruct swimmers on their sets and exercises during practice. Swimmers must take care to keep 6 feet between themselves and their teammates at all times, avoiding stopping mid set, hugging the lane lines or socializing during practice.

Exit from Pool – Once swim practice is complete, swimmers will exit the pool as follows.

Upon instruction from Coach Chic, groups A and C, stationed at the wall, will exit first. Swimmers must immediately and quickly dry off, put on their mask and collect their gear.

Group A will exit the pool deck first in a single-file, clockwise fashion. 

Group C will wait along the cabana side of the pool, maintaining 6 ft of distance at all times.

Once group A is clear, group B will exit the pool. Each swimmer will dry off, put on their mask and collect their items and then follow group A and exit the pool area. 

Once group B has exited, group C may follow them out of the pool area, again single-file and clockwise around the pool. 

Upon reaching the gate, the parent volunteer will provide hand sanitizer for those that request it.

We ask that swimmers exit the pool area as quickly as possible, please do not hang around the pool deck and socialize after practice, the cabana will also be off limits to all swimmers.


Pick Up - Parents will drive up and park as close to the gate as possible and await their swimmer. We suggest having a designated area you will try to park near every day so that swimmers can find you quickly after exiting the pool area. A parent volunteer will assist swimmers who are unsure if their ride has arrived yet. If you need to approach the pool area to find your swimmer, we ask that you please wear a mask and wave through the gate so that we know you are waiting.  Swimmers awaiting their ride may stay in the upper waiting area under the tree, maintaining 6 feet of space at all times.

Behavior in the Pool and on Deck – In order to maintain all COTA and Courtyard members’ health and safety, it is imperative that swimmers adhere to the above policies and that parents ensure their swimmer is following the rules; most importantly maintaining CDC recommendations for hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation if exposed to or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Below are links to videos from another club (Waterloo) that explain the procedure:

Pool Entry

Entering pool and lane positioning

Equipment transitions

Exiting Pool