Bad Weather

COTA’s primary concern is always for the safety of our swimmers and families.  Therefore, the final decision about coming to practice in inclement weather is yours. Assessments of the weather, the weather forecast, and road conditions all factor into COTA's decision to delay starting or to cancel practice.

Always assume that practice will be held, no matter what the weather conditions. 

If it is only raining (no thunder or lightning) there will be swimming – you are already wet, so a little rain doesn’t matter

If for some reason practice needs to be canceled because of weather once the coaches arrive at the pool, the coaches will get the word out via email and text message.  Please be sure your SMS and Carrier information is updated on your COTA account.  If you think the weather is questionable, please have your swimmer verify the status of practice with the coach once they arrive at the pool before you leave the site.

If lightning and thunder is heard during practice, the coach will pull the group out of the water and go to a safe shelter for 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or 20 minutes after last thunder. Athletes will do dry land training  or engage in a team activity during the waiting period. Practice will be canceled if the swimmers can’t return to the water after the first waiting period.

If practice is canceled because of weather once it has started, a text alert will be sent and swimmers will be able to contact their parents to pick them up.

If there are very unusual circumstances, such as an extreme weather emergency or a broken pool heater, email notification and text messages will be sent. 

Cold Weather

Even when the air is cold, our pool is heated to consistent temperatures. This makes winter swimming fun – the water feels warm and comfy when the air is cool. For those swimmers who are smaller or may have less tolerance for cold weather, we recommend two things:

  1. Buy a parka and wear it to the pool and wrap up in it after practice. The parka should be ordered by the beginning of October to be available in time for the cold weather.
  2. Consider purchasing a thermal suit, to be worn over a regular swim suit. These suits are like light, less restrictive wet suits.