Time STANDARDS / Qualifying Times

Here you will find age group time standards designed to encourage age group swimmers to step their swimming up to the next level. These time standards guide you from just starting out in your age group to reaching your highest potential. Start at Level B and work your way up to Level AAAA times.

Swim meets at the beginning of the season will be "unclassified" meaning swimmers do not need to have qualifiying times to swim in the meet.  As we progress through the season meets will begin requiring a qualifying time to participate.  Most meets follow the USA Swimming Age Group Motiviational times, however the Championship meets will have their own set of qualifying times.  
Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many unclassified meets as possible at the beginning of the season to allow maximum opportunity to obtain qualifying times and therefore extending their season into the Championship meets and COTAs Championsip Team.
  • B Champs - Requires a minimum B qualifying time and less than a BB qualifying time
  • Jr STAGS (South Texas Age Group Swimming) - Requires a minimum BB qualifying time and less less than a STAGS qualifying time
  • STAGS (South Texas Age Group Swimming) Championship - Requires a minimum STAGS qualifying time 
  • TAGS (Texas Age Group Swimming) - Requires a minimum TAGS qualifiying time
  • Sectionals - Requires a minimum Sectionals qualifying time
Follow the links above in the drop down to see the current 2017-2020 Age Group Motivational times as well as STAGS, TAGS and Sectionals qualifying times.