RUSH  participates locally in Austin, TX. and surrounding cities. We attempt to provide challenging and success-oriented situations for swimmers of all abilities. The following policies outline our philosophy about competition:
  • We emphasize competition with oneself.
  • Swim meets are the best way for coaches and swimmers to evaluate individual progress within the season. 
  • The individual's improvement is our primary objective.
  • Sportsmanlike behavior is of equal importance to improved performance.
  • Team spirit, respect for officials and opponents, determined effort, and mature attitudes are examples of behavior valued and praised by the coaching staff.
  • Swimmers are taught to set realistic yet challenging goals for meets and to relate those goals in practice in an effort to direct their training efforts.
  • *Swimmers are encouraged to compete in all swimming events and strokes. This policy promotes versatility and encourages swimmers to explore their potential in the wide range of events offered in Swimming.