How to Register your swimmer for a swim meet online

• Log in to the HEAT website at

• If the Event you want to attend is on the home page you can just select “Edit Commitment”

• If the Event is not on the home page select the “Events” tab and then select “Edit Commitment”

• Your swimmer’s name will show up and you click on the name

• You can select from the drop down menu to sign up

• You will then be prompted to select the events you would like your child to swim. Pay close attention to the Day and Session when selecting events for meets that cover multiple days. If you can only make a Saturday, you don't want to sign up for an event that takes place on Sunday.

• Once you have finished you MUST select SAVE CHANGES or it will not save your signup commitment and your swimmer may miss the deadline and not be able to compete.

• Once you have signed up online, your child’s coach will prepare the rest of the required paperwork for the meet.