About Us

Laredo Nadadores is a comprehensive competitive swim program. It is designed to teach technique, competition skills, sportsmanship, team spirit and citizenship. We wish to encourage a love for the sport of swimming in our community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is that swimming teaches our young people skills that promote life-long fitness and achievement. Therefore, we strive to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to participate to the full extent of their abilities.

Vision Statement

Laredo Nadadores shall provide quality swimming instruction with a commitment to excellence, by which its swimmers achieve both individual and team success. We strive to be one of the top teams in the region and state.

Team Goals

  • Mission - To state clearly and review periodically the mission and goals of the team.
  • Diversity - To serve all members of the community.
  • Support - Provide opportunity for the youth of Laredo to participate in the sport of swimming.
  • Coaching - Provide quality swim instruction, safety instruction and supervision. Provide leadership and perform duties outlined in the job description.
  • Environment - Create an environment that is conducive to learning and excellence.
  • Accomplishments - Send swimmers to regional, state and national championships.
  • Culture - Establish a family friendly environment and encourage family participation.