Athletes are always being evaluated on their understanding of the sport. Our coaches are experts in examining strengths and weaknesses in our athletes. There is no set test that allows an athlete to move up in a group. We want to make sure we place a swimmer in a group that will give them the best opportunity to grow and develop as a person. Adjustments and modifications to each group may occur based on what we see in practice and how well they perform at meets.

Advancement in the program occurs only when a swimmer masters the skills that are taught in each group and fulfill the performance standards and personal development expectations for their current group. Advancement is dependent on availability, team makeup, and the coaching staff’s decision based on individual swimmer’s needs. There is not set standard or criteria that applies to every swimmer. So it is solely up the coaching staff to decide whether or not a swimmer should advance.

Group Assignments

The process of assigning groups is a delicate process that requires a lot of attention to several factors. Placement is based on such areas as:

  1. Physical and mental maturity
  2. Chronological age
  3. Meet performance
  4. Training effort
  5. Attendance
  6. Availability and our current and future expectations of the groups.