Board of Directors

Our Board is composed of at minimum 4 directors who are typically parents of swimmers on the team. The Board of Directors meets together on a monthly basis to discuss issues related to our team as well as ensure that we are supporting our teams Mission, Vision and Strategic Direction.

The LSAC board manages the budget of the team while building relationships with the community. Board members support the Head Coach by helping manage the day-to-day business of the organization. Board members also provide fiduciary oversight establishing and monitoring the annual budget. Board meeting are held once a month and are open to current Lone Star members. 

2019-20 Board of Directors


Stacy Kurowski

[email protected]


Vice President (Meet Marshall - pending)

Kat Patrick

[email protected]



Kim Kimball

[email protected]



Gina Auditore

[email protected]


Jacquie Helmcamp

[email protected]

Ryan Morrow

[email protected]