Skill Related Components


Skills are the components of sport that an athlete needs to perform at a higher level. Since we can’t see what is going on at the physiological level, we training 7 underlying skills that are need for swimming and incorporate them into our daily practices.

Balance: The ability to maintain equilibrium while stationary or moving.

Coordination: The ability to use the senses and body parts in order to perform motor tasks smoothly and accurately.

Agility: The ability to rapidly and accurately change the direction of the whole body in space.

Accuracy: the degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, or specification conforms to the correct value or a standard.

Speed: The amount of time it takes the body to perform specific tasks.

Power: The amount of force a muscle can exert.

Reaction Time: The ability to respond quickly to stimuli.

These skills are often referred to as Movement skills. Our swimmers are evaluated on how well they are able to demonstrate competency in movement forms that are specific to swimming. Proficiency in these movements are evaluated through test sets in practice and performance in competition.