How to Join

Lone Star Aquatic Club trains year-round and we accept new swimmer registrations throughout the year. However, spaces are limited and most programs stay full for the majority of the year. If you are interested in joining our team, please follow our Registration Process.

Step 1: Schedule a Tryout. Contact Head Coach Adam Depmore at (512) 560-8735 or email to schedule a 1 on 1 tryout. Swimmers are evaluated in the pool on their ability to swim all four strokes - freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. 

Step 2: Once evaluated, the staff will recommend a training group based on the athletes ability and availability. Different programs have different objectives and we want to make sure your swimmer is placed in the program that best fits their needs. 

Step 3: Register your swimmer by filling out our registering online and making payment. 

  • If your swimmer is new to USA Swimming, also provide a copy of his/her birth certificate. 
  • If your swimmer is transferring from another USA Swimming team, complete a transfer form which can downloaded   here or found poolside at the YMCA.



There are annual Membership Fees and Monthly Tuition fees per swimmer. The training calendar begins each September and ends in August. Membership fees must be paid each year. The membership fees are reduced during the year as follows, and are good through the end of August:

Membership Fee

  • $178, if you join during September - December 
  • $138, if you join during January - March 
  • $82, if you join during April - August



Monthly Tuition

Click   here to see the training program schedule and associated monthly tuition fees


Active team members are given priority placement when it is time to renew for the next year. All of our team members renew their memberships each August and annual fees are payable by September 1st. 

Multi-swimmer Family Discounts

Lone Star Aquatic Club is pleased to offer a discount to families with more than two swimmers. The first two, highest level swimmers pay full tuition, then the remaining lower level swimmers pay half price monthly tuition. Also, the Membership Fee is reduced for the swimmers in excess of two.