Adam Depmore Jul 17, 2019

Skylar has been steadily improving throughout the season. Recently she snagged several "B" cuts in the freestyle and breaststroke at the UT Sprint cup and did so with an amazing attitude! She has steadilybecome one of the lane leaders and has been working extremely hard on her butterfly and breaststroke. Her consistency at practice has helped build her ability to compete and we are excited to see how far she has come and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Skylar!

Adam Depmore Jul 15, 2019

Dear Swim Families,  This is a quick note to let you know about the registration process for the upcoming 2019-20 season.  Each year in August, swimmers must renew their memberships with Lone Star Aquatic Club for the upcoming 12-month year that begins in September. We have received a massive number of inquiries the last two weeks and just like in previous years we are expecting all spots to fill before September.  We will send a reminder email closer to the date with a link to the Online Registration form.  We...

Dax Hill Jul 8, 2019

Good afternoon, The 4-5 Junior3 practice is cancelled. The Senior group will practice with the Elite group from 630-8. Please stay checking for updates. Thanks, Coach Dax

Adam Depmore Jul 2, 2019

Tonight’s heat sheet.

Gabriel Wheeler Jun 25, 2019

STREAMLINING IS A VERB. We have always known the conventional swimming term ‘streamline’ as a noun. It is the body position we make when we dive in and push off the wall. You watch the Olympics and you’ll hear Rowdy Gaines boasting every wall “WATCH THE STREAMLINE ON THIS TURN!!!” And he’s right. The best swimmers have the best underwater streamlines. But for this read we want our swimmers to broaden their definition of streamline and take it even further. Although putting one’s hands together and reaching up as long as you...

Adam Depmore Jun 18, 2019

Dear Team,   WOW!!! What a great night for a team and so much to be proud of. Great job to all of our athletes and parents! Tonight was a memorable night for everyone as our kids blasted this swim meet and showed tremendous resilience. Thank you to all the parents who stepped up and timed. Thank you to everyone who stood up and cheered. Thank you to Coach Dax and Gabe for being there for the kids. The attitude, maturity, work ethic and perseverance filled our hearts and our staff is thankful for...

Gabriel Wheeler Jun 6, 2019

3:30 practice is cancelled. 4:00 is still on for now but on notice. All other practices are a go for now.  -LSAC Coaches 

Gabriel Wheeler Mar 14, 2019

  Have you ever watched the World Championships of Swimming? The Olympics? These are the top tier meets where the greatest swimmers in the world compete. Both these meets as well as many others are swum in Long Course Meters- the global standard for swimming competition where the pool is 50 meters instead of 25 yards. The reason long course is so popular is because it is swimming in its purest form. Short course yards has long been dominated by the swimmers with the best underwaters. Long course however is a...

Gabriel Wheeler Feb 28, 2019

Greetings parents! First off with the short course season nearly complete I’m writing this today because I wanted to say thank you parents for all that you do. As a coach it is my job to be ultra-critical and constructive towards your children. As a developing athlete sometimes it’s not always the easiest to hear the words “you can do better”. So, thank you parents for always being there, driving your athletes to practice, welcoming them with a dry towel, and reminding after a big loving hug and warm dinner that...

Dax Hill Feb 26, 2019

Good afternoon Lone Star! This past weekend LSAC athletes competed at the STAGS (South Texas Age Group Swimming) Championships in San Antonio. Over the course of the 3 day meet we saw some big time performances, efforts, and time drops! STAGS is a championship level meet consisting of an AM prelims session and a PM evening session; to attend this meet you must post a qualification time standard. All qualifying athletes compete in the AM with the top-16 in each event returning for finals at night. Athletes qualifying 9th-16thcompete in a Consolation...