Senior Spotlight: Lauren Leese

Adam Depmore
Apr 11, 2019

This year we have three athletes who will graduate and move on to bigger and better things. Today, we put the spotlight on Lauren Leese who has been a valuable member of our team and an exceptional leader for our younger athletes. 

A little background on Lauren. Lauren holds the 1000 free team record and is a Dual citizen (Great Britain). She is a pescatarian and is not a fan of the saying "top of the morning."

Where are you going to school?

Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. 

Did you receive any Scholarships?

I was the recipient of MHC’s 21st-Century scholarship, which covers half the tuition.

What do you plan on majoring?

I plan to major in English with a minor in Entrepreneurship. 

Do you have any recommendations for our younger kids?

If you’re in elementary/middle school, you’re probably not thinking about college yet, but it’s important to explore your passions (including swimming!) outside of class to find out what you like. Not only will those hobbies keep things fun in high school, they’ll also be the basis for strong extracurriculars, which can give your college application an extra boost (an admissions officer told me that I got the aforementioned scholarship in part because I published a series of books — which I started writing when I was seven! As cheesy as it sounds, you’re never too young to start following your dreams).

Favorite memory with Lone Star?

It’s so hard to choose just one! Maybe the 2017 BB Champs when I got second in the 200 free and another LSAC swimmer came first. That was a great race.

Are you swimming in college?

Yep! MHC actually got on my radar because I was recruited for their NCAA Division 3 swim team through the NCSA website. I attended a special weekend event for recruited athletes, and the rest is history!

Academic advice?

Take dual credit classes in high school. They look great on your transcript, and they might even transfer to your college. 

Who is your favorite coach?

Is this a trick question? Seriously, though, I like all the LSAC coaches for different reasons. Adam is great at lowering stress and keeping swimming fun; Dax makes us work hard; and Gabe is a talented breaststroke coach who has really helped me even in the short time he’s been coaching here. 

Do you prefer Toddle or Walk?



If you want to swim in college, I’d recommend signing up for an NCSA profile. It’s a website where college coaches can search for people who swim your events and have your metrics (SAT scores and GPA). Like I said earlier, I first connected with Mount Holyoke College through this website, and it turned out to be the perfect fit for me!