Adam Depmore
Apr 12, 2019

30 Year T-Shirts

  30 year anniversary T-Shirt have been ordered and will be available at the end of this month. Parents, if you ordered a t-shirt you may pick up yours as well.

T-Shirts are free for athletes. You guys are awesome and you deserve it! T-Shirts for parents will be sold at $8.00 a piece. You guys are awesome too! Just need $8.00.

We have been told XXL make take a little longer to get here, but they will be here.

Junior/Senior Clinic

If you have an athlete in the Junior/Senior group, please be sure sign-up for the Ian Crocker clinic on May 11th. We need a solid head count before he comes. Caoch Dax says he's going to challenge him to race!

Summer Training

During the past month we have received an insurmountable number of inquiries for our small but lethal team. Just last night I was receiving calls after 10pm… which is great, but Mrs. Depmore says my bed time is 10pm. Coaches got bed times too. However, do believe high number of inquiries largely due to the excellent reputation of our athletes, the outstanding performances we have experienced this past season, our athletes camaraderie, and our consistency with sending athletes to college. 

While this is a great position for our small team to be in, please understand we currently do not have enough space to continue to bring in new swimmers. 

Already this season we have had to bring on two new coaches (Coach Hannah and Coach Gabe) to help with the continued growth as our numbers grew and our athletes continued to greatly improve.  Now we are at a point where almost every single group is maxed out and training is vigorous for new athletes to jump in.

As of today, we have a few spots open at the Junior 3a (4-5pm group) and that is all. All other groups are maxed out with athletes on the waiting list.

If you are planning on taking time off during the next few months, please understand that this will most likely result in you loosing your spot on our team. We want to make you aware of this now as several families were not able to return last year becuase all spots were full. 

We are team that trains year around with the height of our focus spent on summer swim meets. While we encourage young athletes to participate in numerous activities including summer swim team, we also encourage all athletes to train through the summer to they do not loose all the hard work they put in during the school years.

Please understand our goal is to keep our numbers as is so that we may provide sufficient opportunity for our current athletes to move in groups.  For example, we have three athletes in the Elite group who will graduate this season: Annie Wang (University of Texas) Elena Brusseau (Texas Tech) and Lauren Leese (Mount Holyoke). If we decide to fill their vacant positions, we want to do so with current athletes in the Senior group, not athletes from other teams who are on our wait list. 

If you are planning on taking time off, please let me know right away. We will do our best to try and hold your spot but please understand we have a long list of families trying to join our team. 

If you have any questions, please email or text me right away. Text message prefered (512)560-8735.