The Three R's of the Offseason

Gabriel Wheeler
Aug 1, 2019

As the next couple of weeks go by we will continue our offseason and transition into our preseason phases of training. Throughout the year we have done a great job of breaking ourselves down. Our muscles, neurons, brains and our bodies have been beaten up pretty good, and so now is the time to Relax, Rebuild, and Recharge. 


Relax: You’ve been beaten to a pulp and swam hundreds of miles this year just for a couple minutes of racing. You deserve a break. Take things down a notch during practice. If you’ve only been training one stroke the past 3 months try switching it up with a fresh stroke. I was always a breaststroker but come off season you would always find me working on my backstroke kick. This will help develop strong supporting muscles while you give your specific stroke muscles a break. 


Rebuild: Offseason is a great time to go back to the fundamentals. Take your stroke from phase one and build it up again. We encourage this through our training by putting a lot of emphasis on kicking, head position, and steady swimming. Don’t be surprised if you see a high amount of yards around the 50-65% effort range. We want the stroke to slow down while focus on form goes up.


Recharge: Have there been any injuries plaguing you the past year? Now is the time to address that. Focus on stretches and strengthening the supporting muscles around that injury, before intensity picks up again. Recharge your mind too. Have you been outside this summer at all? Go get a group of friends and play frisbee in the park. Do something you’ve been wanting to do.

Have fun and stay fresh. If you have any questions about offseason training let us coaches know.



Coach Gabe