Preseason: Phase 1 Towards Success

Gabriel Wheeler
Aug 12, 2019

We are still in our offseason phase of training and will soon transition into our preseason phase. You may notice that the two phases are quite similar in regards to intensity and duration. Offseason is all about the three R’s: Relax, Rebuild, and Recharge, while the preseason is all about laying down a solid foundation for our Training Pyramid.


As coaches we use the preseason to assess everyone's fitness and establish goals with our athletes. It helps to develop goals for the remainder of the season during the preseason. By establishing goals early we can help steer the swimmers in the right direction as they build a sound conditioning foundation that is imperative for peak performance later in the season. 


After taking last week off your body has been given the time it needs to recover. A good sign of a healthy week off is if at any point you were itching to get back into the pool and train. The boredom of not being able to expend the energy you are used to exerting has gotten to you and you are ready to roll. Our coaches get it! We are ready to come back too! However, it is important that we all understand the training that is about to take place. 

Preseason is all about building a foundation. During this time expect aerobic swimming in the 50-85% HR range. Sprinting and max effort swims don’t fit into this phase of training. Training must be kept broad and general so that we may appropriately develop aerobic capacity and the simple movement patterns that we may build off of later in the season.

Expect the next few weeks to be pretty “chill” as we hone in our: 

  1. Head position in all 4 strokes
  2. Sculling movements with our arms (blade motion). ​
  3. Kicking, constant kicking. This is the best way to establish an aerobic base. 
  4. Jumps, Dives and Turns.
  5. Dryland Drills and utilizing these exercises in the pool

This is the time to experiment with your stroke and GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Getting to where your stroke feels “right” will take a tremendous amount of time and effort to get to. Try new things, play with new stroke positions, ask lots of questions, and really try to develop your spatial awareness in the water. We guarantee your training will pick up in about 6-8 weeks so utilize this time.

Coach Hannah, Adam and I are beyond excited for what is to come this year. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your training. Now is the best time to address these questions.  The following link will explain in more detail all of the periods of training to expect this year.