Junior Stags 2020: The Underdogs Rise Up

Gabriel Wheeler


This past weekend we showcased a handful of our best athletes at the 2020 Short Course Junior STAGS in San Antonio. Format changes and tougher qualifying standards made the meet difficult for many other teams, but did very little to suppress our budding talent.


Throughout the meet, the team showed resilience, focus and determination as they battled to the last event. Their heroic efforts helped push us past our team goal of 75,000 VCC points.


Leading the charge for the ladies were Delaney Estes, Lindsay Gordon and Ella Bingham, each scoring 1st place finishes of their own. Delaney blew away the field in the 200 breast while Lindsay took the sprint title in the 50 free. Ella dug deep to win the 100 Fly all while earning her first STAGS cut.


Maggie Browning made her first appearance in finals as she blew away the 50 breast. The 11-12 girls are looking stacked, packed, and loaded heading into the Long Course season.


Emily Morales, Citlali Daguet, Savanna Guidry, Hayden Havener, Daphne Hofkamp, and Antonia Leese all returned to the finals as well and made huge contributions in their respective events. Great streamlines and strong finishes set the girls apart as all showed what a winning attitude looks like.


On the mens side Joey Leese dominated his pull downs to sweep the breaststroke events (100/200) and will swim both events at STAGS as well. Hard charging Joshua Wadley and Ethan Patterson earned medals in the 200 IM and the 100 breast.


Sam Bingham, Justice McCormick, Savion Santor, and David Benoit continued their meteoric rise to the top as each man added several points in finals as well as a STAGS cut from Jake McGill (50 Fly). 


Thank you parents for all you did to help your athletes attend the meet. And more so thank you swimmers for all the sacrifices made to achieve such a meet. Going into these last few weeks rememeber the energy is here! All it takes is a spark like last weekend to set off a wildfire of momentum.