Top 10 Performances: #3 Savina Steps to the Scene

Adam Depmore

As we have said before, the best swimmers are IMers. To swim a good IM, you have to be strong and willing to work hard at every stroke. A fast IM doesn’t happen by chance, you have to put in the work and there is no getting around it.

Savina Smith came up and took off this season. Not letting anything hold her back, or get in her way, Savina threw down massive swims across the in multiple distances and strokes. In doing so, Savina broke several team records and even posted top times in the state for almost every single stroke.

This swimming brilliance is telling for us as coaches as being able to swim every stroke as efficient as Savina means there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for her to continue grow with. The more you put in at a young age, the more you will get out of this sport when you grow.

Having said that, in my opinion, Savina’s most impressive swim of the season took place at the TAGS championships during the 200 IM. 

All season long Savina trained her tail off and moved up in the ranks for the IM. She worked hard to address her weak points while continually refining her strengths. 

The morning of 200 IM, Savina cruised it in to make finals. During finals she made her move and put up a show. Hitting the streamlines on the fly and back, Savina set herself for a strong finish. Maximizing on her strong pulldowns, Savina dominated the breaststroke before bringing it home with a 33 second 50 free. In doing so, Savina lowered the former 10 and Under record by over 8 seconds (Annie Wang.)

This swim took courage and strategy. The amount of focus and strategy it takes to swim a 2:30, or faster, 200 IM is almost unheard of for a 10 and under swimmer. For myself, it was an absolute pleasure and an honor to witness.

This record will likely stand for a while as Savina almost never misses a day of training and has shown no signs of slowing down. She is goal focused and embraces every little detail. Again, it’s a great sign for bigger things to come, so keep up the great work Savina!