Thank you for your interest in joining Alamo Area Aquatics Association (AAAA) at Northside.  The first step to joining our team is to “Request a Tryout” from our website then click on How to Join then Request a Tryout.  At the end of the form, it will guide to the Signup Genius for the specific dates and times.

If the dates listed on the Signup Genius have already passed, we will be looking to add dates.  Once the dates have been set, we will update the Signup Genius and email everyone on the Request a tryout list that the dates have been updated. If you have an issue and can not make the dates listed, you are welcome to email BJ Allenstein ([email protected]) and he will helf find a time for a tryout.  These tryouts will be geared to place kids into the program with the intention of starting in the Fall of 2022.   

The tryout will consist of:

  • 200 yard Freestyle
  • 50 yard of each stroke (Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly)
  • 100 yard Individual Medley.  
  • High school aged swimmers may be required to do a small swim set. 
  • These are the minimum requirements to make the team.  If you do not know all four strokes, please do not sign-up for a tryout.
  • These are the tryouts requirements for all ages. If you feel your child is close but might not be able to make all of it, we will evaluate them and see where within our Aquatics Programming they will do best. This might be on our USAS team or within our year round swim lesson program.

On the day of the tryout:

  • Please be on time (we have limited time for each tryout spot)
  • Athletes will check-in at the NISD Natatorium (indoor pool with the Coaching Staff).  
  • Please bring a copy of your birth certificate with you.

After the tryout: 

  • If you make the team, the registration will be online.  Registration for the Fall will start in August.  Information will be emailed about the registration process.
  • Prior to registration, we will need a copy of the athlete’s birth certificate.  Please bring a copy with you to the tryout or email it [email protected].
  • If you are on Free / Reduced Lunch, you will not complete the online registration packet.  I will send you additional information on how to register and the other documents I will be needing.  Please let me know if you would like more information about this.
  • Information about the Practice Schedules will be posted at
  • Team Registration will be $60 for the season and will include the Fall and Spring apparel package.  This fee does NOT include membership to USA Swimming. You will be required to register with USA Swimming separate from our team registration. The team registration fee will be included in the registration process.
  • AAAA NS charges a monthly coaching dues on the first of each month.  This fee ranges from $80 to $100 depending on what group you are participating in.  The team charges the members for 9 months of dues (ie September to May with June and July are included at no charge. If you start later in the season, this is shifted depending on the month.)  We do not charge monthly dues in August.

The Team Registration will be for the upcoming Short Course and Long Course Seasons.   Information about the online registration will be shared as the links go live for registration (beginning of August).

If you have any questions, please email BJ Allenstein at [email protected].