2022-2023 Team Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/5/22 - 6/8/23

Open for New Members

8/5/22 - 6/8/23


Dear Families,

Northside ISD Aquatics is proud to announce the 2022-2023 competitive swimming season. From the learn to swim to the national level competitor, Northside Aquatics will use its influence and programming to follow Northside's Interscholastic Athletic Philosophy to develop high-quality athletes.


The philosophy of the Northside Independent School District's competitive sports is to maintain a broad-based program that will afford all students with athletic interests an opportunity for safe and healthful participation in the sports of their choice. This philosophy is based on the concept that there is a need for rugged physical development and fitness for every youngster, as well as a variance of interest, abilities, and desires.


    1. Keep the environment as positive as possible for all students/athletes.
    2. Instill good habits, sound morals, exemplary citizenship, and a high standard of sportsmanship in the students/athletes of Northside Independent School District and NISD programming.
    3. Encourage students/athletes to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially.
    4. All students/athletes should have an appreciation for optimum health and physical fitness. The importance of proper rest, good eating habits, and cleanliness should be stressed at every opportunity.
    5. Develop all programs in such a manner that the end result will be one of unity, harmony, and success.
    6. Instill in all students/athletes the desire to represent their school/program and community in a manner that will make the school administrators, coaches, parents, teachers, and other citizens of the community proud of them.
    7. Emphasize to students/athletes at all levels of competition, the realization that athletic competition is a privilege that carries definite responsibilities. Some of these are: training, loyalty, eligibility, improvement, courage, and perseverance.
    8. Create in all students/athletes a greater interest in the value of education.
    9. Maintain and conduct the most successful interscholastic athletic program possible.

This philosophy drives our direction and decision-making as we focus on the developmental appropriateness of swimmers based on age and ability, as well as designing curriculum and coaching to match. By swimmers committing to practice regularly and being deliberate in practice and competition, as well as trusting your coach, we have no doubt they will find success.

The Northside Aquatics Coordinators are highly respected coaches for the work they have done for athletes, coaches, and other developmental and competitive programs. They are charged with developing the coaches to ensure well-rounded growth to each and every athlete. When hiring staff, we not only hire for skill but for character, ensuring your child will be associated with a positive role model. We are excited and eager to get on deck and make a difference, thanks for joining us, and have a great season.

Anthony Plummer - Assistant Director of Athletics, Director of Aquatics

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