Invoices are sent to the email address on file on the 1st of each month. The charges billed to your account will be monthly fees, any meet fees as well as any late fees assessed to your account from previous months.

These fees are payable on the 1st of each month and are due no later than the 9th. All invoiced fees are considered late after this. 

Any account that remains unpaid after the 9th of each month will be assessed an automatic $25.00 late fee.

Monthly fees may be paid automatically with a credit/debit card or electronic check.  To sign up for automatic payment just click on 'Set Up AutoPay' on the left side of the home page and follow the directions.  It is simple and quick and takes the worry out of remembering to make your fees payment on time. 

The Automatic Payment program must be set up by midnight BEFORE the first of the month in order for it to pay that month's invoice.  Any AutoPay set up on your account on/after the first of the month will not pay for that month's invoice.  You must then pay that month by cash or check at the facility where you train.  You are, however, set up for all of the subsequent months.

If you elect to pay by written check you can mail the check to: Northside Aquatics Business Office, c/o Elizabeth Henderson, Bookkeeper, 7001 Culebra Road, San Antonio,Texas 78238. You may also drop it off at the pool.  It is then your responsibility to remember to pay your invoices on time.

Any account 45 days or more past due is subject to suspension - athletes will NOT be allowed to participate in practice (water and dryland) or swim meets until the balance is paid in full. 

There is no prorating of monthly fees.