AQTX Waterpolo is Changing

Aug 17, 2018

AquaTex Waterpolo is making some exciting changes.

Beginning this fall we are deepening our partnership with Longhorn Aquatics to create a unified training plan, and a new Select team for high school athletes. The highlights of these changes are: 

  • Beginning the week of August 27, AquaTex practice times at Micki are changing to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Longhorn Select will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at UT. Athletes age 14+ will be chosen by invitation.
  • Select Team athletes will be required to join Longhorn in addition to AquaTex, but are required to continue training with AquaTex. The Select Team is an extension of AquaTex programming, not a replacement.
  • The addtional fee for participating with the Select Team is $75/month.
  • For all local competition, such as the Lone Star League, we will proudly continue to compete as AquaTex. For all USA Water Polo "travel" tournaments, all age groups, we will compete as Longhorn Aquatics.
  • Under the leadership of Longhorn Technical Director, Allie Hill, we will unify our strategic and technical training plans. Athletes who practice at Micki and at Longhorn will be trained in the same techniqes and tactics.
  • High school athletes are absolutely welcome to continue training with AquaTex only.
  • Monthly fees for AquaTex Waterpolo are unchanged.
  • This is a significant improvement in how we train our athletes for the club and for the region in general. There is far greater agreeement among AQTX and Longhorn leadership about preparing our athletes to compete at a much higher level locally and throughout the US. We are preparing out players to be the best they can be at the high school and college level.

More to come but we're excited to make this announcment and continue to appreciate the support of all our members.