Sometimes the best philosophy is the simple one. "Be Your Best" is our way of commiting to your athletes as players, teammates, and people. We are here to help them become the best he or she can whether that's in the pool or out. With the help of our parents and open communication we want to create an environment in which children can thrive. So, our motto and our philosophy is always, "Be Your Best." If that means you want to become a collegiate water polo player, we will help train and challenge you! If you want to be a successful engineer, or a leader at your church, we will do what we can to help. Our athletes are individuals and "Be Your Best" gives them the responsibility to do so both at AquaTex and in the rest of their lives.

Coaches aim to be their best as well by emphasizing teamwork, cooperation, and relationship-building and have experience at some of the highest levels of American water polo. The club emphasizes fundamentals and individual skills since they promote smoother transitions to higher levels of water polo, while always encouraging joy in the process.

Ultimately, we hope to instill a love for the game and a healthy appreciation for the hard work it takes to be successful as a water polo player. And we aspire to genuinely contribute to the growth of water polo in Central Texas and throughout the state. Whether you are an experienced athlete or simply interested in learning one of Texas' fastest growing sports, contact AquaTex today!


Development: We are committed to preparing our athletes to succeed at whichever level to which they aspire. We are proud to have produced the first NCAA Division I water polo athlete from the Austin area, and numerous regional and state high school award winners. But most important is simply to help the athlete be the best he or she can be no matter the level of competition.

Technique: Properly taught, technique is more valuable than innovative tactics. Attention to detail in this area produces athletes prepared for all levels of competition.

Tactics: Proper technique leads to simpler, less coach-driven tactics. Athletes are allowed to be more autonomous and creative.

Teamwork: At the center of working together toward a common goal are simple things: timeliness, responsibility, mutual respect, hard work, fun, and joy.

Team Information

AquaTex Swim Team is sanctioned by USA Water Polo, club number 24177. All water polo athletes are required to join USA Water Polo and are insured via that membership.

Stay in Contact

Contact us here for information on the program or call 512.994.0085.