Invest by Sponsoring San Antonio Wave.

Whether you consider it a charitable donation or advertising, the National Association of Youth Sports concludes that supporting youth sports delivers mutual benefits. Accordingly, they identify six reasons why businesses should sponsor a youth sports organization:

  • Increase Awareness: Each Wave sponsorship package has benefits: Banners, website advertising, and club apparel can all display your business logo giving valuable exposure to the youth swim market of parents, coaches, officials, and swimmers. 
  • Positive Perception of Advertising: Wave is an established team in South Texas with a highly regarded reputation.  Youth sports in general are viewed as a positive way to promote a brand. Parents are receptive to companies that supporting local sports.
  • Help Promote Youth Participation:  Membership fees cover most of the costs of our program, sponsors help keep the fees low.  Lower fees enable more young athletes to participate and receive the many benefits of sports.   
  • Excellent Value:  In comparison with other advertising channels Wave provides excellent value and should be included in your marketing mix.
  • Goodwill: Make a positive contribution to your community. Your customers will react favorably knowing that your business understands the impact and importance of youth sports. This perception fosters loyalty among current and future customers. 
  • Possible Tax Incentive. Wave is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization; businesses may get a tax break for making a charitable donation. 

In the past year Wave has invested significantly in neighborhood swimming pools. This investment, which enabled our team to keep swimming during the pandemic, has revitalized the pools and is now helping the communities thrive.  It is our intention to continue investing in neighborhood pools.  Please help us in this endeavor and your build a connection between your business and the communities we serve.


Contact Us To Become a Sponsor: [email protected]