STAGS weekend reminder

Jul 10, 2019

Hello Swimmers and Families,

Just a quick reminder - below are the following schedule revisions for the STAGS Championship this weekend.

Thursday - AM (7-9a = Jr 1 and Sr 1 & 2 = on as scheduled)
Thursday - PM (No practices - all locations)
Friday - (no practices all locations)
Saturday (no practices all locations)

Your team needs your help to make this swim meet a success. 

Instead of dividing our efforts between practice and this championship swim meet; we need to be on deck helping with the operation of the STAGS Championship swim meet.   It's a great opportunity for younger swimmers to see what a championship meet is like and see the excitement of each race.

If you need to get signed up for a volunteer position; please contact Jill at

We will return to the pool deck on Monday, July 15th.