2021 ST SCY Surge Kebbab Klassic Recap


San Antonio Wave
2021 ST SCY Surge Kebbab Klassic

The SA WAVE was the most spirited team on deck at this weekend’s meet! 

After two days of competition, here are our stats:
*92 Personal best times!
*24 New time standard shifts!

*Biggest Time Drop = Nicholas Fritz with a 34 second drop in the 400 Individual Medley. An overall 10% improvement from his previous best time!

*Most Improved = Nicholas Fritz with a 28 second drop in the 200 Backstroke.  An overall 17% improvement from his previous personal best time!

* Highlights*
-Lily Glasgow was 1st in the 100 Back!
-Finley Harroff was 1st in the 200 Back!

-Ayva Wong was 1st in the 50 Back!

-Finley Harroff earned 4 new B times!

-Cole Faux earned 3 new B times!

-Caitlin Chmiola earned 3 new B times as well as 1 BB time!


* Extra Shoutout*
-The Wave as a whole cheered non-stop for one another and demonstrated exceptional team spirit throughout the meet!


New A Time Standards

Lilian Glasgow


New BB Time Standards

Camila Fores

Olivia Torres

Sophia Torres

New B Time Standards

Sydney Andreason

Ava Benavides

Caitlin Chmiola

Cole Faux

Camila Flores

Nicholas Fritz

Finley Harroff

Hagen Hurst

Parker Kaiser

Sophia Torres

Cooper Wood