2021 GU TWST Short Course TAGS


San Antonio Wave

2021 GU TWST Short Course TAGS

Texas Age Group Swimming Championship


With just two girls qualifying, they represented our team so well by ranking 38th out of 50 teams.

They earned *5 New Personal best times and 5 Finals appearances! 


*Biggest Time Drop = Tessa Christiansen with a 1.81 second drop in the 200

Fly. An overall 1.18% improvement from her previous best time!


*Most Improved = Lily Glasgow with a 1.16 second drop in the 100

Breast. An overall 1.59% improvement from her previous personal best time!




Tessa Christiansen 

100 Fly- 15th & *New Team Record*

200 Fly- 11th & *New Team Record*

100 Free- 10th 


Lily Glasgow

200 Breast- 7th & *New Team Record*

50 Breast- 9th & *New Team Record* 

100 Breast- 5th