2021 ST AAAA 18th Annual Cinco de Mayo Meet Write Up


San Antonio Wave
2021 ST SCY AAAA 18th Annual Cinco de Mayo Meet

The SA WAVE brought their A game at the first long course meet of the season!

After three days of competition, here are our stats:

*80 Personal best times!
*16 New time standard shifts!
*20 swimmers dropped time in every events!


*Biggest Time Drop = Evan Okulicz with a 40,64 second drop in the 200 Freestyle. An overall 23% improvement from his previous best time!
*Most Improved = James Francis with a 30.43 second drop in the 100 Backstroke. An overall 30% improvement from his previous personal best 


-Addy Wilson Placed 1st in the 100 Bk and was runner up in the 200 Fr, 200 Bk, and 100 Fr!

-Lily Glasgow Placed 1st in all of her events: 100 Br, 100 Fl, 50 Br, 200 Fr, 100 Fr, 200 Br, 200 Fl, and 100 Bk!

-Ayva Wong was runner up in the 50 Back!

-Tessa Christiansen was runner up in the 200 Free and 200 Back!

-Olivia Gonzalez was runner up in the 100 Free and 100 Back!

-Parker Kaiser was runner up in the 100 Back!


*Extra Shoutout*

Lily Glasgow was High Point Winner for her age group!


New A Time Standards
Addy Wilson

New BB Time Standards
Adi Freedman

Olivia Gonzalez

New B Time Standards

Auria Arringdale (2x)

Caitlin Chmiola (x4)

Blake Duggan

Dylan Faux

Camila Flores (x2)

Adi Freedman

Emerson Morton

Micah Morton 

Evan Okulicz

Ayva Wong