2021 ST Arena LCM Summer Classic Meet Write Up


San Antonio Wave
2021 ST Arena LCM Summer Classic

The SA WAVE represented hard work and dedication at this weekend’s meet! 

Our team left with some very impressive stats:
*43 Personal best times!
*31 New time standard shifts!

*9 swimmers dropped time in every event!

*Biggest Time Drop = Will Lockhart with a 54.17 second drop in the 200 Freestyle. An overall 29% improvement from his previous best time!

*Most Improved = Camila Flores with a 15.52 second drop in the 50 Freestyle.  An overall 32% improvement from his previous personal best time!

* Highlights*
-Alaura Arringdale earned her first BB time in the 50 Free!

-Lily Glasgow and Olivia Gonzalez earned A times in their first 1500 Frees!

-Philip Mu earned an AA time in his first Long Course 400 IM!

-Sophie Torres swam BB times in all of her events at her first long course meet!


New AA Time Standards

Philip Mu


New A Time Standards

Lily Glasgow

Olivia Gonzalez

Philip Mu


New BB Time Standards

Alaura Arringdale

Hannah Broughton

Becca Broughton

Blake Duggan

Camila Flores

Lily Glasgow

Will Lockhart

Philip Mu

Sophie Torres


New B Time Standards

Becca Broughton

Camila Flores