2022 ST SCY AAAA B Champs Meet Recap


San Antonio Wave
2022 ST Scy AAAA B Champs

 1/8/2022- 1/09/2022

The SA WAVE  had  an  Fintastic  swim at  B Champs 

Our team left with some very impressive stats:

*30  Personal best times!
*8 New time standard shifts!

*11 swimmers dropped time in every event!

*Biggest Time Drop = Sydney Andreasen  with a 17.83 second drop in the 500 Free. An overall 4.43%  improvement from her previous best time!

*Most Improved = Andrew Bedo  with a 11.67 second drop in the 200 Free.  An overall 7.75% improvement from his previous personal best time!

* Highlights*

Andrew Bedo placed first in the 50 Free and third in the 200 Free

Jessie Ingehart placed first in the 100 IM

Adian Korter  placed third in the 50 Free

Katherine Salahsour  placed  first  in the 100 Free


New BB Time Standards

Alaura Arringdale 

Andrew Bedo (2x)

Iris Hrncir 

Jessalyn Inglehart(2x)

Aidan Korter

Glory Sansano



More photos: