Some HOA pools are opening around San Antonio.   Coaches have posted some sample workouts
for swimmers / families how may have access to their local HOA pools. 

Keep in mind –
you are choosing to do this workout on your own, without coach supervision. 
These workouts are not required.

Key things to remember IF YOU perform these (or any workouts on your own):
*Parents / lifeguards should be present. 
*Maintain Social Distancing Protocols as mandated for the area
*Be careful (pay attention) of training environment
 - Are there lane lines?
 - - - If no lane lines (people may wander into your path and cause a collision)
 - - - backstroke may veer off course into a wall or open areas
*Backstroke (limit backstroke unless you have):
 - Backstroke flags
 - Lane lines
 ***Not having either of these may cause collisions with people or walls. 
If the workout has backstroke listed, and you DO NOT have these safeguards, you
might REPLACE BACKSTROKE with another stroke.

These workouts can only be performed with the intention / intensity from the athlete.