CAA SPRING 2022 Swim Team Registration & FAQs

CAA operates two locations in Lakeway (at the Lakeway Swim Center, 3103 Lakeway Blvd) and in Cedar Park (at the Elizabeth Milburn pool, 1901 Sun Chase Blvd).  New swimmers can join the team at any time during the year. Right now some groups are full. Practice schedules, group descriptions, costs, and other information about our season is available on our website.  

Registration links, costs, practice group information, and practice times are posted for each CAA location using the links to each location's registration page, above. To register, click the link to the CAA location, read the information on the page, and then click the "Continue or Check Status" button at the bottom of the page to enter the registration system. If you have been a member of CAA in the past, log in using your email address and password. If you have never been a member of CAA, you'll need to create an account first. 

NEW Swimmer Evaluations
If you are a current CAA swimmer or a returning CAA swimmer, you do not need to do an evaluation first. If you are a NEW swimmer, please contact Jessica Evans ([email protected] or 512-917-2274) to schedule an appointment for an evaluation with a coach. 

Links to other team information:


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • All registrations will be "pending" in our system until after approved in the system. Your registration is accepted when you submit it. 
  • Please watch your email for a "welcome" message, after you register.
  • Our team does not offer private swim lessons, learn-to-swim programming, or programs for adults. All swimmers on the team must be independent in the water and able to participate in a group setting.
  • If you are getting an error message when you try to register indicating that your account is inactive, please enter the site through the registration link for your location, scroll down and click the "Continue or Check Status" button, and THEN log in using your username and password. (In other words, don't click the "Sign In" link at the top of the home page on our website first and try to log in; your account is inactive if you have no active swimmer with us, but you can register by using the correct link.) 
  • Swimmers do not need to attend all practices, except in the Senior (LW) and National Development (CP) groups, but we recommend coming as much as you can for maximum instruction and progress.
  • We strongly encourage all swimmers to purchase a team suit, but we do not require it. Swimmers will need to purchase the swim gear for each practice group by the end of the first week of practice. The required items for each CAA location and practice group are posted here. You can order the team suit and the required swim gear from our team store (click here) and items will be shipped directly to you. Parkas, backpacks, goggles, and other items are also available from our team store. 
  • We strongly encourage swimmers to wear a team swim cap, but we do not require it. You can order our team swim cap and team shirts from our CAA Square Store (click here). These items will *not* be shipped; they will be dropped off for you to pick up at your CAA location. 
  • All of our pools are outdoor and heated during the winter months. 
  • On our practice calendars,"SW" indicates swimming and "DL" indicates dryland (strength and conditioning workouts are offered for Silver, Gold, National Development, and Senior groups). Click the Practice Schedules tab for the practice schedule for your CAA location and group. 
  • Participating in swim meets is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. All swimmers on our team are eligible to compete in swim meets. Our meet schedule is posted here and meets are added as they are sanctioned by USA Swimming. Swim meets occur approximately once a month and are held in the Austin area, with some meets held in other cities.
  • For groups with designated training days, you may not switch days (if your group is MWF, you can only come on those days and may not switch to other days).
  • Some members will be registered with the "Flex" membership from USA Swimming. This membership costs less than a full membership, but the member is restricted to two swim meets per year and may not swim at championship meets. If the member needs to upgrade to a full membership, we may assess the cost difference between the "Flex" membership and the annual membership with USA Swimming and upgrade your membership for you. 
  • The team registration fee is assessed annually in August or when you join, and includes the annual USA Swimming membership fee. 
  • Membership on our team is month-to-month; you do not have to enroll for any predetermined time period. Withdrawals must be received via an email notice by the 25th of the current month to withdraw for the following month. Swim team dues are not prorated around personal absences (camps, vacations, and so forth). Swim team dues may be prorated for members joining during the month. 
  • Swim team dues are billed to the payment method on file in your account on the first on each month. Fees for swim meets are billed when entries are submitted to the meet host. Swim meet fees are not refundable for any reason.
  • You do not need to be a member of a pool or HOA to swim on our team at any of our locations.  
  • All swimmers must be members of USA Swimming. USA Swimming memberships are valid September 1 of the current membership year through December of the following year. All swimmers in our program must be registered with USA Swimming, even if not planning to compete at swim meets.
  • Registrations will be accepted until groups are filled. We recommend registering early to reserve your spot and also so you receive team communications before practice starts. However, we will accept registrations at any time, space providing.
  • If you are a new swimmer to USA Swimming, we will need your birth certificate or passport as proof of legal name and age. If you are already a member of USA Swimming, but are transferring from another club, we will need a transfer form. 
  • The coaches reserve the right to change a swimmer's group based on swimming ability and/or readiness to participate in the group. 
  • The team reserves the right to dismiss members who register for swim team without an evaluation, who do not meet our minimum eligibility requirements. 
We look forward to starting our 22nd year of swimming with you in the fall! If you have any other questions, please contact Jessica Evans ([email protected] or call/text to 512-917-2274).