Swim team information and practice schedules for our CAA-Cedar Park and CAA-Lakeway locations are posted on the "Practice Schedules" page. You can schedule a "new swimmer" evaluation by contacting the coach for the location you are interested in joining.

Capital Area Aquatics is a competitive swim program in Austin, Texas with two locations in Lakeway and Cedar Park. Our mission is to nurture and develop our swimmers for success in competition and in life. Our focus is always centered on the swimmer’s long-term development as an athlete and as a swimmer. We believe that technique is the single most limiting factor in a swimmer’s development, so we meticulously follow training progressions for each athlete and practice group to ensure that they have a solid stroke foundation to set them up for long-term success in swimming. CAA fully supports and diligently follows the policies established by USA Swimming and the U.S. Center for SafeSport as part of our continued commitment to safeguarding our athletes.

Many of our athletes start swimming with us on our affiliated summer league teams and continue with us through their high school swim seasons. We include programming for swimmers ages 6&older. 

Our coaches directly coach each group at their location every day. This allows athletes to train with the same coaching staff for many years--without getting a new coach every time the athlete moves to a new training group.

We are a large team, which affords us great resources for our athletes, but our two locations give our athletes a small team experience and individual attention every day. 





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