Coupon attached for our team store: Now is a great time to order a team parka

Jessica Evans


If you still need to order team gear (fins, snorkels, paddles, buoy, kickboard, goggles, and so forth), a CAA team suit, a parka, or anything else, please visit our online team store by clicking here and then enter the code CAPITALAREA10 as the discount code when you checkout to receive a 10% discount on orders placed through September 29. Items will be shipped directly to you (the shipping option will appear after you enter your zip code). 

Now is a great time to order a swim parka, before it gets cooler, and our vendor starts getting inundated with parka orders. It's worth the extra money to stitch your swimmer's first and last names on their parka. This makes it less likely to be taken by mistake and also prevents theft. For sizing, it's fine for the parka to fit loosely with some room to grow; most kids will wrap up in a towel first and then put the parka on over it, so some extra room is fine.

Speedo has a sizing chart for parkas posted on its website (click here to go to the Speedo Team Parka page and click the “Size Guide” link on that page, but don’t order your parka from that site).

You can order our custom “CAA Speedo Unisex Team Parka” from our team vendor and get our Speedo team discount AND the additional 10% discount by clicking here.

Jessica Evans