Summer 2021 Swim Programs & Where to Start

Lost Creek Aquatics and its affiliated summer league teams and programs are offered throughout the summer for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Click the links below to learn more about these programs.

The LCA LAKEWAY SUMMER CLINICS are a perfect way for summer league swimmers to continue swimming for the rest of the summer after their summer league season ends, or for new swimmers who want to give swim team a try. Classes are in 3-week sessions (starting June 14, July 5, and July 26), Monday through Thursday, for ages 6&older, at the Lakeway Swim Center, from 10:30-11:15am with a mini-meet at the end of each session. The cost is $110 per session for 12 classes. Registration for Session 2 is now open; click here to register for Session 2 (July 5-23).  

The CEDAR PARK EARLY SUMMER TEAM is Monday through Thursday, 4:00-4:30, from May 3 - May 27 at our Cedar Park location (Milburn pool, 1901 Sun Chase Blvd.). This team is for swimmers who have been or are planning to swim with a summer league team, or new swimmers just getting started. Swimmers need to be able to swim unassisted. The cost is $125 for 16 classes. Click here to register

For the USA SWIMMING YEAR-ROUND TEAM (for those wishing to join our year-round Guppy, Bronze, Fitness (CP location only), Silver, Gold, National Development (LCCC location only), or National training groups), please click the links below. We accept new swimmers year-round, subject to space. For our team's Covid-19 protocols, please click here. To join the year-round team, please start by requesting a swimmer evaluation by emailing Jessica Evans at [email protected]

  • LCA Cedar Park (Milburn Pool, 1901 Sun Chase Blvd)
  • LCA Lakeway (Lakeway Swim Center, 3103 Lakeway Blvd)
  • LCA Lost Creek (Lost Creek Country Club, 2612 Lost Creek Blvd--open to members and nonmembers of Lost Creek Country Club)

New to Swimming: Where to start?

Swimmers ages 4 to 5 and younger should be enrolled in swim lessons. The goal of swim lessons should be focused on basic water safety. This includes getting in the water voluntarily, getting comfortable putting his or her face in the water, kicking with a kickboard, and rolling over and floating on the back. After the child has mastered basic water safety skills, swim lessons can add basic freestyle stroke work. The goal of swim lessons should not be perpetual swim lessons. Once your child can master basic freestyle and backstroke, and is ready to be in a group setting, you can move on to a swim team. 

Swimmers ages 5-6 and older who have done swim lessons or who can already demonstrate basic water safety requirements and swim basic freestyle and backstroke can usually participate on a summer league team or in an introductory group on a year-round (club) team. Summer league teams are recreational in nature and community-based. A good summer league program teaches stroke development in a fun, supportive, competitive environment. Swimmer goals for summer league should be on personal improvement--swimming a stroke legally for the first time, earning a personal best ribbon, and so on--and also should reinforce being a good teammate. Summer league teams encourage communities to come together by running the teams and reinforcing good swimming and good sportsmanship. 

Swimmers who practice with a year-round, USA Swimming club team (such as Lost Creek Aquatics) might leave LCA in May and June to swim with their local summer league team. We support this! Over time, we have found that younger swimmers who swim summer league come back to year-round swimming in the fall refreshed and with a rejuvenated energy for the sport of swimming. What we don't find is the common concern parents have about "losing ground" in their swimming abilities. Quite the contrary--having a fun time in summer league, and racing every weekend with friends and lots of support from their teammates, has a positive influence in the fall. 

Older swimmers who have graduated from summer league or younger swimmers who have achieved B, BB, or A and faster times generally stay with their club team for the summer "long course season." Long course season is swimming with a club team after Spring Break in March through mid-August and competing at meets held in 50-meter pools. Most meets held during long course season require swimmers to meet minimum time standards to enter events at meets, because the season is short.

If you have questions about where to enroll your new or experienced swimmer, give us a shout at [email protected] or 512-917-2274.

Programs run by Lost Creek Aquatics: USA Swimming membership required 

Lost Creek Aquatics runs USA Swimming teams year-round, including the summer USA Swimming long course season. Swimmers will compete at meets held in 50-meter pools in Austin and other areas in South Texas.

New swimmers are accepted on these teams as long as they meet the minimum swimming eligibility requirements, and subject to available space.  

Summer League Recreational Teams: If you have questions about these teams, please contact the teams directly. The individual team websites are linked below. 

  • At Lost Creek Country Club--the Lost Creek Cruzers operates in June and July. Membership on the Cruzers is limited to members of Lost Creek Country Club.
  • At the Lakeway Swim Center--the Lakeway Lakers operates from May 3 to June 12. This team is open to eligible swimmers; there is no residency or pool membership requirement.
  • In Cedar Park, the Typhoons and the Twisters operate from May 3 through early July.