SPA Swim Meet Policies

  1. All swimmers must arrive to the pool 30 minutes before their warm ups begin. This is to ensure that all swimmers are on deck and ready to go once warm ups begin.
  2. All swimmers must wear the team suit and team cap at all competitions. As well each swimmer is expected to wear the correct team shirt for that day.
  3. All swimmers will sit together as a team on the deck unless the facility does not have the room. Therefore all swimmers will sit together outside the facility or in the stands as a team. If the swimmers are on deck, all parents must sit in the bleachers or outside the facility. If the team is sitting on deck they are expected to stay on deck with their teammates during the entire session unless allowed by the coaches to leave the deck.
  4. All swimmers are expected to wear clothes in between their races which include all forms of team attire, shorts or sweat pants and as well shoes.
  5. All swimmers must check with their coach before they leave the meet to make sure they are done for the day and to make sure the coach knows the swimmer has left with their parents.
  6. We also ask that all parents try to sit together to help SPA have a bigger presence in the stands and to help make a lot of noise when we have a swimmer in the water.