SPA Parents, Friends and Volunteers,

Here is a brief explanation of the areas for volunteers when we host a meet. It is vital to have all areas fully staffed and the more volunteers we have the easier and more efficient we will be. This page gives you the opportunity to learn the various areas so you can decide your first preference of where you would like to work, but you may also be asked to fill in somplace when necessary so it is important that we get volunteers cross trained into many different jobs. The more people that work a meet, the easier the work is as you would get many breaks and learn all about what goes into running a very successful meet.

Hosting a meet enhances our team's reputation in Gulf Swimming and allows us to be invited to meets hosted by other teams. Hosting a meet also gives your swimmer a great competition opportunity in a great facility. We cannot run competitions without volunteers, and hosting meets can also provide revenue to the team that can keep other fund raising efforts to a minimum.

Remember, any high school student can receive YES hours or NHS hours for volunteering.

Thank you for your support and dedication to our team!



MEET DIRECTOR: Person(s) in charge of running the meet. At least one meed director must be on deck at the meet at all times. SPA needs more Meet Director's trained and able to help.

SAFETY MARSHALL: Enforce meet rules, Safe Sport protocols and Safety Protocols on the pool deck. We usually need 3-4 people in this role for all sessions of the meet. Your parenting skills are all the training you will need. Rules and protocols will be shared for each meet.

FACILITIES SET UP/TEAR DOWN: Setting up the pool, pool deck and equipment for the meet. This includes getting items from our storage unit prior to the meet and transporting it to the pool being used, and then returning the pool, pool deck and equipment to pre-meet standard. We usually need 4-5 people willing to lift and carry items to and from the pool.

COLORADO TIMING: Operating the Colorado Timing System during a session of the meet. This job requires some minor training to learn the routine, but consists of pushing a sequence of buttons after each race. For some meets we require one person per session, but others require two per session if we are doing starts from both ends of the pool. 

AWARDS: Place award laels with results on the ribbons/medals and sort the awards by team for distribution at the end of the meet. We usually need two volunteers in this position for each session of the meet.

HEAD TIMER: Coordinate watch and clipboard distribution to the assigned timers each session and start two watches for each heat to serve as back ups if a timer misses a start. We need one volunteer for this position unless we are starting from both ends of the pool, and then we need two.

HOSPITALITY: Coordinate purchase/delivery/display of food/drink items for coaches and officials throughout the meet. We usually need 2-3 volunteers for this position during each session of the meet. We also need one to two people to head up Hospitality and take responsibility for getting all the items to the pool for the meet.

ANNOUNCER: Announce events, heats, results, scratch times and other pertinent information during each session of the meet.

CLERK OF COURSE: Accept and process on-deck entries for the meet at each session, if they are being accepted at the meet. For prelim/final meets, coordinate scratches during the prelim sessions for all events. We need one person per session for this position.

CIRCLE IN: Assist swimmers with circle in for each session of deck seeded meets during the warm up period of each session. We usually need 2-3 volunteers for this position.

CONCESSIONS: Work selling food/drink to swimmers and spectators during each session of the meet. We usually need 2-3 volunteers for this position. We also need 1-2 volunteers to head up this effort, purchase the items to be sold and make sure they are delivered to the pool.

RUNNER: Collect and deliver lane timer sheets at the end of each event, scratch sheets at the end of each scratch period, and post results for events after they are finalized by the Administrative Official. We need 1 volunteer for each session of the meet.