Intro to SPA 


Intro to SPA is a required group for all 12 & Under Swimmers who are new to USA Swimming. This group will meet 2x per week for four weeks. The goal of the group is to introduce group practice skills and procedures to help the swimmer acclimate to their assigned practice group at the end of the four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, each swimmer will be assigned to the appropriate practice group on SPA. In order to qualify for this group, a swimmer must complete a SPA evaluation which includes swimming 25 yards of the pool either freestyle or backstroke. A swimmer can participate in an Intro to SPA group no more than once per calendar year. Swimmers in Intro to SPA need to have the following equipment: 


  • Mesh Equipment Bag 

  • Goggles (two pairs) 

  • Fins 

  • Kick Board 

  • Swim Cap 

  • Practice Suit - no board shorts or two-piece suits 

  • Water Bottle 


The group will practice Wednesday/Friday 4:30-5:00 pm at Brushy Lake. 


The fee for the group is $90.00. This includes registration with USA Swimming, a SPA T-Shirt and Cap and all practice fees. Upon completion of the four weeks, the swimmer will register with their assigned SPA practice group, at which time an annual SPA Registration fee will be due. 


Questions about the groups, schedules and evaluations should be directed to Head Coach Bob Kizer at [email protected] 


Questions about Online Registration through the SPA website should be directed to Registrar Staci Usagani at [email protected]