SPA parents, friends and volunteers,  

Here is a brief explanation of the areas for volunteers when we host a meet. It is vital to have all areas fully staffed and the more volunteers we have the easier and more efficient we will be. It will also give us the opportunity for you to learn the various areas so you can decide your first preference of where you would like to work, but you will also be able to fill in someplace when necessary as everyone will be cross trained. The more people that work a meet, the easier the work is as you would get many breaks and learn all about what goes into running a very successful meet.
Hosting a meet also enhances our team’s reputation in Gulf Swimming. We are one of the best new teams in Gulf Swimming. We have had numerous compliments by visiting teams, swimmers, parents, coaches and officials on what a great job SPA does in running a meet.
Last but certainly not least, hosting a meet will make SPA money. If we do not receive donations of food for concessions, and food for hospitality, then we will have to spend an enormous amount of money to purchase the necessary items and we will make much less then we could. Remember by your volunteering you help your kids and your team. Running a team is an expensive business. No team can succeed without all the support from its parents. SPA Parents and Volunteers have been awesome in the past. I know you all will be awesome in securing our future by stepping up and volunteering.
Remember any High School student can receive YES hours or NHS hours for volunteering.
Thank you for your support and dedication to our team!


MEET DIRECTOR: Person in charge of running the entire meet. One person and one back up needed. Mandatory training required.
MEET SAFETY MARSHALL: One Head person with up to 5 or more to be on deck. Enforce meet rules i.e who can go on deck, no parents except for timers of members of USA Swimming, no food etc. Some training required.
MEET OFFICIAL: One Head person from GULF Swimming
FACILITIES SET UP/TAKE DOWN: Setting up pool for the meet. Can include moving bulkhead, lane ropes, etc. Usually need 5 or 6 strong people. This is done usually Thursday night and with enough people can be done quickly. Take down again, with enough people is quick.
MEET MANAGER: One Head person who runs the computer for the entire meet. We need several people and trainees as this is a very critical area. Possibly 4 or 5 plus shift trainees.
COLORADO TIMING: One Head person with 5 or 6 people to place the Colorado touch pads, and maintain through the meet. Trainees are needed.
CLERK OF COURSE: One Head person with 10 to 15 people. Places and picks up circle in sheets, posts results and heat and lane assignments, runners, etc. This is also a very critical area. Trainees needed too.
HEAT SHEETS/AWARDS: Two head people who order awards, label awards with the results and sell the Heat sheets. Awards can be easy at times and very busy at times. Need 5 or 6 people. Also handles money box.
HEAD TIMER: Two head people who with 4 to 6 other timers provide back up timing for the regular timers. May need 6 or 8 for large meet with running starts at both ends of the pool, or a prelims, finals meet as that is morning and afternoon.
HOSPITALITY: Three Head people who coordinate all the food we provide for the meet officials, coaches, and volunteers. Cooked food and donations are necessary for breakfast, lunch and snacks. This is a critical area as these people must be fed.
ANNOUNCER:  One Head person and one back up. Announces events, results, scratch times for a final meet and any other pertinent information.
VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: One Head person and one back up person to coordinate all the volunteers for the meets we host. Create master list and make sign in sheets so volunteers will receive credit. A critical job and a trainee is also needed.
On Decks: One Head person with 1or 2 others to handle On Deck meet entries that day (s) of the meet. On decks is open 1 ½ hours prior to the start of the meet and closes 30 minutes before the meet start time. Critical area as entries must be filled out correctly and handles money with money box. This area is a money maker.
Concessions: One or Two Head people who coordinates concessions. This is a potential big money maker. Donations are necessary as we have an assortment of breakfast items, grilled food of burgers, sausage on a stick, pasta, nachos and much more. 4 to 6 people needed to work the grill. 4 or 5 people needed to do pasta, nachos, cheese, chili, 6 to 8 needed to sell candy, drinks etc. One person handles money box. Concessions is a fun area, no training is really necessary. It is outside and does require a huge amount of people to run in an efficient manner.