• What is the difference between Sharks and other summer league swim teams?

The Sharks swim team is part of the Sienna Premier Aquatics (SPA), which is the year-round swim team that is affiliated with USA Swimming.

Sharks coaches are USA Swimming trained and certified.   All our coaches go through on-going training and background checks.

All the Sharks swim meets will take place at Club Sienna on Saturday mornings. Meets last around two hours.

This is a great opportunity for your kids to be introduced to the sport of swimming, with the option to continue with SPA for year-round swimming.

And, most importantly, we focus on the kids having fun!

  • What are the registration fees?

The 2023 registration fee for Sharks is $150.  We also offer discounts for siblings.   

  • Why do I have to register with USA swimming?

Sharks is affiliated with Sienna Premier Aquatics (SPA), which is a USA Swimming team.  The registration is required by USA Swimming and provides insurance coverage for the coaches and swimmers.  Each Shark will need a Flex Membership which is $30. 

  • Who will be coaching the SHARKS?

The Sharks welcome back Lead Coach Katie Rice.   

  • What is the age requirement to participate in SHARKS?

Swimmers must be 5 years old by May 1, 2023, which is the first day of the Sharks swim season. No exceptions.

  • What skill level is required of new swimmers?

All swimmers participating in Sharks must be able to swim the length of the pool, 25 yards. Sharks’ swimmers from previous years will not be required to complete an evaluation. All NEW swimmers will be required to participate in a Sharks evaluation, which will be held in April.

  • What equipment are swimmers required to have?

It is required that all swimmers have a team suit, kickboard, fins and goggles. We recommend writing your swimmers name on all practice equipment and using a mesh bag to keep all of the equipment together. Sharks will provide each swimmer with a swim cap.

  • How do we purchase the swim gear and suits?

A Sharks Team Suit fitting date will be scheduled.  Please check back for more information.  Girls’ suits are approximately $65, and boys’ suits are approximately $45.

  • How are the teams divided?

The Sharks are comprised of 4 teams: Red Sharks, Yellow Sharks, Blue Sharks and Purple Sharks.  The Head Coach divides the swimmers into 4 teams based on age and gender, not ability.   For example, all 7-year old boys are divided equally among the 4 teams.

  • When do the swim meets take place?

The swim meets take place on Saturday mornings, beginning at 8:00am, at Club Sienna Pool.   The meets usually last about 2 hours.

  • Will I be required to volunteer at the meets?

Yes, parent volunteers are required to run the meets. There are lots of ways to help at the meets including set up/tear down, timing, gathering swimmers. A Sign-Up Genius email will be sent the week before each meet to allow you to sign up for a volunteer position.   This year, teams will be assigned to volunteer for the meets.

  • I see that my child’s age group is scheduled to practice every day of the week. Is there an attendance requirement?

There is not an attendance requirement. However, the best way for swimmers to improve and have fun is to attend practice.

  • How will I know if practice is cancelled due to weather?

Sharks coaches use Team Unify text messaging to communicate timely information about weather related changes. Please be sure to have a valid SMS number input when you register. 

  • How can I watch practice if I am not allowed on deck?

For safety, security and insurance reasons, only Sharks Coaches and Swimmers are allowed on the pool deck. Parents are allowed to watch practice from the patio of Club Sienna, but may not interfere with practice in any way. Do not talk to swimmers or coaches during practices.