Texas Gold Georgetown COVID-19 Policy


Texas Gold Georgetown aligns our program with the COVID-19 policies outlined by Georgetown ISD. Simply said, if your child can not go to school in regards to their policies then we expect them not to come to practice. 


You can review the policies on the GISD website, but here is a summary of the policies that pertain to Texas Gold Georgetown: 


1. If athletes show any COVID-19 Symptoms they should not attend practice.


2. Masks are encouraged when athletes are in the locker rooms or group meeting areas.


3. When we are notified that a Texas Gold athlete or coach tests positive for COVID-19, and that person has been in contact with Texas Gold within 3 days, we will notify the athlete's practice group and share the following info: day of COVID-19 test, day of symptoms on-set, and last day athlete was at practice.


4. Athletes or coaches who test positive for Covid will be asked to not attend practice until the minimum days after the onset of symptoms has passed per the most recent CDC guidance. 


5.  If someone in the athletes' household has tested positive for COVID-19, and the athlete is not permitted to attend school or after-school functions, the athlete should remain home and isolate. 

6. As always, we encourage our athletes to practice good hand washing hygiene.

7. We are following all guidelines and recommendations given to us by the State of Texas and GISD.

If there are ever any questions about how to proceed forward, please do not hesitate to ask.