Practice equipment is really important. The style of equipment can promote or hinder swimming technique. This is why Texas Gold works with D&J Sports to make sure that your swimmer gets the right equipment for their swimming development.

Goggles make the swimming experience more enjoyable. For outdoor pools at night or dark indoor pools, clear goggles are recommended. In outdoor pools during the day, tinted goggles (like sunglasses) are recommended.

Required Equipment

WHITE GROUP--Long Fins, Kick Board, Pull Buoy

BLACK GROUP--Long Fins, Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Hand Paddles, Snorkel

GOLD GROUP--Long Fins, Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Hand Paddles, Snorkel


Long Fins: Swim Stuff Rubber Swim Fins OR for Advanced swimmers the Arena Powerfin Pro

Kick Board

Pull Buoy: JR Pull Buoys for young swimmers, and Normal-sized Pull Buoys for larger swimmers

Hand Paddles When first getting hand paddles sizing IS IMPORTANT. .5  is best for 10 & Under. 1 is best for swimmers 12 and younger. Swimmers can graduate to larger paddles from there. At the beginning, the paddles are roughly the same size as the hand. Don't discard old paddles! Advanced swimmers may even carry small, medium, and large paddles to practice for different challenges.

Swim Snorkels are forward-mounted on the forehead.