Swim Caps, T-shirts, and Vehicle Decals can be ordered by emailing [email protected]. Please also direct any apparel questions, comments, or concerns to this email.

When ordering, please specify your preferred:

1.)design number



4.)size (youth or adult) of item(s).

We will then charge your CC on file and deliver the items to you at practice.

We have three t-shirt designs available currently. T-shirt Designs 1&2 are available at a limited supply in our current apparel inventory. The website will be updated as items sell out. Design 3 t-shirts are made to order and have a turn around time of approximately one week. 



$5 Dri-Fit Material

Available sizes: Youth M & L and Adult S & XL

Available colors: Gold, Black, and White


$5 Cotton   

Available sizes: Adult S, M, L (ONLY 1 white and 1 gray L left) & XL (ONLY white left)

Available colors: Black, White, and Gray


$15 Cotton 

All adult and youth sizes are available made-to-order. The turn around time is about a week after your order is placed. Colors are Black, White, and Gray.


Swim Caps are coming soon and will be available in latex or silicone.



Texas Gold Vehicle Decals are available to purchase for $5 and are customizable.


Warm-ups, Swim Bags, Parkas, Team Swim Suits, and practice equipment can be purchased from D&J Sports