Whitecaps of Westlake Swim Club 



Whitecaps of Westlake is a proud affiliate with USA Swimming to offer a year-round competitive youth swimming program.  Our experienced coaching staff strives to provide a safe and positive environment for young athletes to thrive.  

The primary goals of our swim program are as follows:

  • Developing healthy lifestyles for youth

  • Teaching responsible goal setting and equipping the athletes with the knowledge and tools to achieve those goals

  • Preparing high school aged athletes to compete at the collegiate level

The age range for our program is 6-18 years old. If children under age six wish to join, a private swim test can be arranged to determine if our program is the right fit.


Groups Member Monthly  Non-Member Monthly
Red Group: $155 $180
Purple Group: $195 $220
Blue Group: $220 $245

Red Group: This is our beginner group. It is generally recommended for younger swimmers and those who want to primarily gain fitness with our program and maybe want to swim competitively. The Red Group will focus on the basics of swimming. Ages 6 - 10.

Purple Group: This is our intermediate group. It's for those who can swim the four competitive strokes and understands interval training. Swimmers will generally be but are not necessarily interested in competition. Ages 9 - 13.

Blue Group: This is our advanced group. Swimmers are interested in competition and will have achieved at least a BB time. Ages 12 - 18.


4300 Westbank Drive
West Lake Hills, TX 78746