Intro to Winning Waters

Basic Goals:​

  • Introduction to Competitive Swimming

  • Positive Swimming & Practice Behaviors

  • Learning Drills for each Competitive Stroke(Freestyle/Backstroke/Breaststroke/Butterfly)

  • Develop a Strong Kick for each Stroke

  • Learn Streamline Body Position off of Turns/Starts

  • Emphasis on Drills & Stroke Technique

Educational Goals:

  • Basic Swimming Safety
  • Simple Intervals/Reading a Pace Clock

  • Posture, Line & Balance/Correct Body Positions

  • Develop understanding of Meet Procedures

Sport Goals:

  • Focus

  • Listening Ability

  • Working in a Group

  • Teamwork

  • Confidence/respect of coach & teammates

  • Positive Attitude toward New Experiences


  • Goggles, Cap, Fins, Kickboard, Water Bottle


  • Coaches approval is necessary
  • Ideally swimmers have had previous lessons with Winning Waters or other facilities
  • Swimmers must be comfortable at all depths without coach in the water

Training & Fees:

  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • 4:00-4:45pm
  • $65/month