Basic Goals:

  • 70% Training/30% Drill
  • Aerobic Build-Up & Ability to Train at Higher Speeds
  • Structured Interval Training
  • Distance Free/Medley Training
  • Learn/Refine Race Tactics
  • Swimmers begin to commit to the Sport
  • Dryland (body weight, core strength, flexibility, running)
  • Continually Challenge Themselves/Self-Motivated
  • Try “New” Events
  •  Achievement Goals focused on IMX Events, B, BB, A, STAGs/TAGs Times

Educational Goals:

  • Workout Rules
  • Increase Mastery of Drills
  • Exercise Swimming Safety
  • Nutrition as a Source of Energy
  • Championship Time Standard Awareness
  • Time Management of Swimming/School/Social Time

Sport Goals:

  • Teamwork & Group Spirit
  • Dealing with Barriers and Setbacks
  • Long/Short Term Goals, Goal Talks
  • Training Ethic & Attitude
  • Confidence/respect of coach & teammates
  • Positive Attitude toward Meets
  • Positive Attitude toward New Experiences
  • Acceptance of the Commitment required for success in Swimming


  • Goggles, Cap, Fins, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Snorkel, Paddles, Water Bottle


  • Approval from Coach Carol and test sets are required

Training & Fees:

  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
  • Tuesday/Thursday 4:45-6:15pm, Saturday 9:30-11:00am
  • $115.00